Pinning with the new Pinterest layout

Pinning with the new Pinterest layout

Welcome to the new Look!


Pinterest introduced a new layout this month. It involves changes to navigation as well as increased photo size. The new look aims to increase your ability to discover new pins and boards with the addition of the sidebar and displays of pins posted by other users underneath your content. Pinterest is still rolling out the changeover. It is still optional to accept the new layout and continue to use the original layout (for now). Some features like the ‘like’ button were originally nixed and the reintegrated. The biggest disadvantage to sticking with the old layout is that you cannot access the new analytics package which was also deployed this month.

The most noticeable change is the new navigation. There is a flyout menu on the upper left corner with everything in one spot. That menu was revised from its original form and is now a it wider. It does take a little getting used to. I couldn’t find the way to the popular pins for half of the first day!


Below is a screenshot of the “add a pin” dialogue. The major difference from old to new format is that you can choose to upload an image or pin from a URL. In the previous version you had to choose upload or URL from the navigation menu. The next difference and where I’m really hoping for a design revision is that there is no option to post to Twitter from this dialogue, which to me adds an annoying extra step.


After I pin my image or URL I have to go click back to to find my pin, which if done right away my pin is at the top of the page. I click on the pin I just added and THEN I can choose to share my pin on a social network. This is an extra step from my usual method and sort of annoying but I will get used to it. I do have the ability now to choose share via 4 methods : Twitter, Facebook, email or get the embed code and place the pin on my website. Want to learn about an easier and automated method to embed your creations? Please read my Pinterest tutorials on embedding board widgets and profile widgets.


This is one a significant change in site behavior. From this view a user is able to see other pins from the same they just pinned to Pinterest board to the right. Look to the right of my watermelon piggy. I am seeing more pins from the same board I just pinned to. In this case it’s my own “recipes” board.


In addition to the “also pinned on this board” feature, there are more featured pins underneath. The goal here is to make it easier for the user to find new and relevant content. Pinterest gives this a header that says “People who pinned this also pinned:” and shows you what others with similar tastes to you have pinned.


Note to Pinterest: In the next design revision, please allow us to organize our board names! 🙂

So what do you think about the new layout? Like it? Love it?