PinRes: Pin Your Resume


Introducing PinRes. A new way to pin your resume to Pinterest.
PinRes is an intuitive and easy to use Pintrest-centric resume building application that requires minimal previous experience with creation of a resume. All a user has to do is fill in the appropriate fields and they can see their information compiled in the preview screen. Not only is PinRes user friendly, the resumes it produces can be found via search engine, allowing employers to search for a specific person, previous place of employment or skill set while avoiding the inaccuracy of a hash tag based system.




  1. Two Ways to Begin:
    • Start a new resume by simply typing your information in the boxes on the right side of the PinRes page, entering you name, address, etc… this info will fill in automatically on the left-side preview as you type.
    • Alternatively, you can choose to connect your resume with your LinkedIn profile. Your career information will be imported from your LinkedIn Profile but can still still be edited.
  • Enter in information for job #1. … this info will auto fill on the left as you type
  • Skills Section: Add up to 5 skills per job but pressing the -/+ buttons below the skills section
  • Employment History: Add up to 5 Jobs. Long descriptions may cause yo to exceed the maximum resume length.
    Add another job by clicking on the -/+ button at the bottom of the last job description. Job Data for Jobs 2 onward, doesn’t fill in on the left until you press the “submit” button at the bottom of the page
  • Finished? Press the submit button and THEN press the small “pin it” button in the lower left corner and pin a board – Click this to Pin to Pinterest!

  • PinRes-Screenshot_1

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