Pinterest – How to Auto Schedule a Video Pin

Pinterest Schedule Video Pin

Pinterest – How to Auto Schedule a Video Pin with a Pinterest Business Account

Video Pins are one of the newest types of Pins available to Pinterest users as organic Pins. Video Pins are great for user engagement and for demonstrating your product. Lifestyle videos are especially popular with Pinterest users. They can increase awareness by ten times when businesses incorporate them into their Pinterest strategy.

Video Pins are only available to business users. I wrote a lot lately about converting to a business account and the benefits of having a Pinterest for business account as opposed to a personal account. Both types of accounts are free however business accounts have access to free analytics and can use paid advertisements called Promoted Pins. Pinterest business accounts can also upload organic video Pins and use them in Promoted Pin campaigns.

About Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media channel with over 300 million users. Pinterest offers personal accounts and business accounts, both of which are free to use. Pinterest business accounts are far more full-featured than personal accounts are.

With a Pinterest business account, you have the ability to save a video Pin to a board. If you only have a personal Pinterest account, the only type of video you can upload is a comment on someone’s Pin called “tried it” which is sort of a review. It shows other users your creation or version of someone else’s Pin.

Pinterest Video Pin
Pinterest Video Pin

Pinterest Business users can create organic video Pins and paid video Pins called Promoted Pins. Like on other social media channels, video Pins are an excellent way to engage your audience, catch their attention, and demonstrate your product brand or service. Video Pins on Pinterest are shown to have better engagement and increased sales. We already know that videos used with other marketing channels like emails and web pages increase open rates, click through rates, and increase conversions.

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins

A few months before Pinterest made video Pins available to all business users, they added a feature that lets users schedule Pins. I wrote about scheduling in a previous blog post.

Blog Pinterest AWeber Automate
Blog Pinterest AWeber Automate

Scheduling Pins is simple with one caveat. You can only do it from desktop Pinterest. I cannot schedule Pins from my Android app. If I go to upload a Pin using a web browser, in the lower right-hand corner there’s the option to either publish immediately or publish at a later date. Just like any other kind of Pin I can select the board, set a title, add a description, and optionally include a URL If I choose to publish the Pin at a later date, I can schedule any Pin, including Video Pins, up to 30 days in the future.

Schedule Video Pin
Schedule Video Pin

How to Schedule a Pinterest Video Pin

Video Pins and regular Pins can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. Pinterest for business users can only schedule a Pin using web Pinterest, aka desktop Pinterest.

  • With a web browser log into Pinterest
  • Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the browser window
  • The Pin dialog box appears. This box is the same for all types of organic Pins
  • Tap the plus sign and upload a video
  • Add a title, if you don’t Pinterest will use the first 30 or 40 characters in your description as a title
  • Add a description of 500 characters
  • Don’t forget to add a URL back to your website

In the lower right corner, there’s an option to publish the Pin immediately or publish at a later date. The default setting is to publish immediately. If you want to schedule your video Pint, select publish at a later date.

Choose a date up to 30 days in the future and set the time as well. In the lower right corner, select the radio button to publish later date.

How do I Find my Videos on Pinterest?

Pinterest business accounts also have an additional tab on their profiles, named Videos. Personal accounts do not have the video tab because they cannot upload videos. When users upload videos as part of their marketing strategy all your videos are saved on a video tab. Like always, they’re also saved on the board or boards that you uploaded them to.

Remember when you run a Promoted Pin campaign, whether it’s a carousel Pin. standard Pin, or video Pin when another Pinterest user shares your Promoted Pin to their board it becomes an organic Pin.

Schedule Pinterest Video Pin
Schedule Pinterest Video Pin