Pinterest Buyable Pins Increase Online and In-store Sales

Pinterest Buyable Pins Increase Online and In-store Sales

Pinterest-Buyable-Pins-Increase-Online-and-In-store-Sales-440 Pinterest is making Buyable Pins available to desktop users. This Pinterest Buyable Pin announcement came in the form of a Pinterest blog post this week. Buyable Pins are currently a mobile only Pinterest for business ecommerce features available to business accounts that use certain ecommerce platforms to manage their online stores.

A Buyable Pin is a pin that users can click on or tap to add the item into a shopping cart. Pinterest Pinners can also pay for the item without ever leaving the Pinterest mobile app. Pinterest collects the money and passes it onto the vendor. Pinterest does not get involved in order fulfillment and does not make any money from Buyable Pins.

Pinterest reports that 84% of people who shop on their smartphones also shop on their laptops. Making Buyable Pins available to desktop users makes good business sense. A reported 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase after seeing a product they liked on Pinterest [1].



Some retailers report a two-fold increase in website referral traffic and 2.7 increase in sales from Pinterest from Buyable Pins. This is good traffic to have as well! Almost 40% of Pinners earn $100k or more in annual income.

Here are more stats on the Pinterest audience:

  • Pinners spend 16% more money on CPG goods
  • They are 12% more likely to buy after Pin engagement
  • 75% of Pins saved comes from businesses


[1] Source: “Oracle Data Cloud’s Study Proves Promoted Pins Drive In-store Sales.” Pinterest. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 June 2016.