Pinterest Craft Pin: DIY Snowflakes

Thanksgiving week seems to be my time to test out a few Pinterest craft. Last year we had a nice Pinterest fail with these cookies that were supposed to turn out looking like turkeys. This year’s Pinterest tutorial attempt is fun and not at all technical. Let’s get foolish for the holidays and review a pin that falls into one of what I call the Pinterest five most popular categories.


What are the top five Pinterest categories? They are the five Pinterest categories to incorporate into your Pinterest account if you want to increase your following. The five most popular categories are recipes, decor, crafts, quotes and fashion. Let’s have fun following a craft pin and then make it into an infographic.

My daughter found a few craft pins on Pinterest. She chose snowflake window clings. These window clings make a cute wintertime decoration. They are rubbery, flexible and colorful decorations made in the shape of snowflakes to stick on your window.

The craft supplies you will need for this craft pin are

  • Parchment or waxed paper to use as tracing paper
  • Puffy fabric paint
  • Scissors
  • Pictures of snowflakes, snowmen or other holiday shapes. Alternatively, invite an artistic friend over for the day! We opted for pictures

Print out images of snowflakes. I Googled “snowflake clipart” and printed them in black and white. Enlist a kid or other helper to cut the shapes out.

Place the wax paper over the top of a snowflake cut-out so you can see the snowflake through the paper. We meant to use parchment paper but used maxed paper because we did not read the box carefully enough. Trace the snowflake with puffy paint!

Let them dry for four hours. Carefully peel off the snowflake, and bam! Stick it to your window! Don’t worry they peel right off

The next Pinterest “craft” to make is an infographic. Pinterest users love infographic and statistic show that pins that are taller than wide are reined more frequently.

Below is our snowflake craft as an infographic. Click here to see it as a Pinterest pin!