Pinterest – Five Fast Referral Traffic Stats

Pinterest is the number source or social referrals, while Facebook remains strong as the number one source. This data is based on a study of over 200k websites. Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus all enjoyed a 50% growth in the amount visits over the previous 13 months
Social referrals year-over-year (September 2013-2014) – A deeper analysis of thirteen months of data collected from 200,000+ websites



Five quick Pinterest stats:
• Pinterest accounted for 5.52% of total referral traffic in September 2014, a 50% increase over last year
• Pinterest has an estimated with an estimated 70 million users. Pinterest does not release user base data
• 40% of Pinterest referred purchases occur within one week of pinning, with 80% occuring within three weeks.
• The 8 largest sources of social referrals are, in order from largest to smallest, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn
• Facebooks accounts for more than four times more traffic than Pinterest

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