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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business Accounts

On November 13th Pinterest announced Pinterest for Business. As part of their roll-out some boards once again began disappearing from user accounts like mine did today. It’s not clear what criteria Pinterest uses to determine which accounts are business as the other 2 accounts I manage are unaffected or maybe it’s undetected so far!

The navigation from the support site is not working but you can go to this page to open a new business account or convert your existing account to a business account.

Here is the screenshot of
It’s pretty easy to recover your missing boards this time. No jumping through hoops with upload html files or site verification (unless you are a new business with a domain name). If that’s your situation then visit out website verification tutorial for more help. For now just fill out your information and you are go to go! If you are upgrading from a personal account, most of the information will be pre-filled for you.

Pinterest Tutorial Pinterest for Business 1

And here is the ‘welcome page’ You will get your boards back immediately. Pin On!!
Pinterest Tutorial Pinterest for Business 2