Pinterest Glossary

Pinterest Glossary

Vocabulary related to social network Pinterest with the definitions for terms.


analytics – A measurement of your Pinterest activity through the discovery of meaningful trends in data. Pinterest analytics can be accessed only though a verified account

category – A system of classification for Pinterest pinboards. Pinterest categories allow pinboards to be found via the inherent Pinterest navigation.

group board – A pinboard on which two or more users can pin content on.

pin (specifically a Pinterest pin) –
v. – Fastening your ideas to a Pinterest pinboard via image or website upload.
n. – A photo, graphic or other image that appears as a post on a pinboard.

pinboard – Pinterest is an online pinboard that lets you organize and share visual content and links from the internet

Pinterest pin it button – The Pinterest Pin It button is an app or plugin for web browsers to allow Pinterest users to pin content from other websites to their Pinterest pinboards even if they are not using Pinterest at the time.

Pinterest characters – The @, or “at symbol” and the the #, or “hashtag”. Symbols used to improve communication and increase visibility in search results.

profile – Personal information about you or your business personal information you’ve decided to share with other users. This can include your name, work history, education, interests, website as well as other social networking accounts.

profile photo – The photo at the top of your Pinterest profile, to the left of your bio.


repin – The process of re-fastening an already existing image (pin) to another Pinterest pinboard. Pinterest tallies and displays the number of repins.

like – A “like” is a feature that lets users quickly give positive affirmation that they care for a pin. Users cannot like comments or profiles. The number of likes is not tallied.

account verification – The process of associating a website with your account.