Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards


What is a Group Board?
A group or community board is a Pinterest pinboard created by a user. The board has multiple contributors. The other contributors can pin to the group board as well. They are invited by the board’s creator.

What Does a Group Board Look Like?
Group boards look the same as all other boards except they have a “crowd of people” icon at the top of the description

Why Pin to a Group Board?
A group board gives you the opportunity to meet other users quickly while sharing your pictures to a larger audience. You will get to see more pins and be able to contribute to the community. It’s a fun way to find others with similiar interests. This is also useful to a businesses. *Spammers are NOT welcome on group boards and are quickly reported by users and removed by staff.*

How do I Become Part of a Group Board?
Create Your Own: You can create your own group board by going to a board you would like to share, click on ‘edit’ and then ‘invite users’. Type in the username of someone you want to add.

…or ask to be added to another user’s board.
Most group boards have instructions at the top with contact information or instructions on how to ask to be added as contributor

Im a Contributor, Now What?
Remember not to spam, give others a chance to post their pictures too! Some boards post guidelines. Follow them or or risk being banned. As a contributor, you cannot remove others’ comments, only your own. And you cannot change the board description. Only the board’s creator can do that!