Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest Image Optimization


Not all images pin equally! There are only a few simple guidelines to ensure your images are pinnable on Pinterest. Pinterest won’t pin images that are 80 pixels (px) or smaller in either width or height. For example, Try to pin this made smiley face it is only 70px by 70px:

Grrrr! I won’t pin!

Here are a few guidelines for making optimal Pinterest images:

  • Minimum width: 80 px
  • Minimum height: 80 px
  • Maximum width: 600 px*
  • Maximum Height: no limit**
  • The exact size of your Pinterest profile picture is 165×165 pixels

* Images are resized to 200px wide on the pin preview
** Images longer than 800px will be constrained to 800px when you click though to the actual pin.

The following image won’t pin no matter what their size:

  • Background images (see example below)
  • Images within iframes
  • Images within Flash animations

Example Images

This is image is just right!
200px by 200px image
This is a background image. It doesn’t pin! 200px by 200px imageI’m too small to be noticed! Make me larger than 80px by 80pxSame image re-sized in the browser. Pinterest retrieves the original source, so it still won’t pin from “upload a website” unless you use the Pin It button browser plugin

Sample Image Sizes. try each directly with Pinterest and then again with the Pinterest Pin It Button Button