Pinterest introduces new feature to help combat spam!

Pinterest just introduced a new feature for group boards to help combat spam. This slick new feature was brought to my attention by fellow Pinterest pinner and power user, Adam Houlahan, while we were chatting across Facebook (Note to Pinterest: We’d like you to add a chat feature so we can do more than just leave notes to each other!!). If you find someone spams your group board, you can remove them via the edit board dialogue. This powerful new feature does more than just block the spammer from pinning to your group board, it also removes every pin they have pinned plus gives you the option to remove everyone else they have invited to collaborate on that board! Ouch!

Pinterest extraodinaire, Adam has a lot of information on his Help Stop Pinterest Spammers board and is an innovator helping Pinterest with suggestions for fighting spam. Adam say he has suggested some further features they are working on and hopefully releasing soon.

Below is step-by-step pictorial on how to block and remove a spammer from a group board.

1. From your account page, go to the group board you wish to remove the spammer from and click “Edit Board”

2. Find the spammer in the “who can pin?” list click on “Remove” (you’ll have the chance to cancel or to choose more options)

3. OPTIONAL: Check the box next to “Block [username]. This will remove [username] (in my example it’s MetroNY), people MetroNY invited, and all their pins.

4. Finally, click on “Remove Pinner” to finalize.