Pinterest Introduces a New Follow Button

Pinterest introduced another widget for websites. This latest widget is the new Pinterest follow button. The old Pinterest (Figure 1) follow button clicked users over to Pinterest to they could follow your account.

Follow Pintalk on Pinterest

Figure 1

The new version of the button (Figure 2) pops up another window on your website. This window shows users four of your latest pins (Figure 3) and gives your readers to opportunity to follow your Pinterest account without leaving your website. Click on the button below to see how it works.

Pintalk on Pinterest

Figure 2 – TRY ME!!!!

You should see a pop-up window that looks like the one in Figure 3.

Pinterest Follow Pop Up

Figure 3

This latest version of the Pinterest follow button is available to everyone! If your website already has the follow button installed, it will be automatically updated with the new functionality. If you do not have the follow button code, pop over the Pinterest widget builder, build your code and add it to your site! If you have a WordPress blog, you can just create a new page and paste the code onto a new post like this one.

To get your new Pinterest Follow Button:

  1. Visit the Pinterest Widget Builder Page*
  2. Enter your username in the first field
  3. Enter the words you wan to appear ON your button in the second field
  4. Click “generate”

*Remember, if you already have the follow button you do not need to do anything to get the new version