Pinterest Marketing Mistakes Video

Pinterest Marketing Mistakes Video

Pinterest is a great social media channel to use to market your business, brand or product. Pinterest pinners are mostly female who are affluent and stats show they are willing to spend money on products they see on social media!

As with any social media, building a Pinterest following takes time and practice. You also have to figure out what content works for your social following. Below are tips from my ten Pinterest mistakes to avoid blog post. Watch the Pinterest mistakes video on my PinTalk YouTube channel.

  1. Don’t use small images
  2. Be sure the description isn’t too short
  3. Don’t forget to fill in the links
  4. Set and change your cover board images for variety
  5. Don’t overlook verifying your business account
  6. Be sure to use descriptive names for board names
  7. Don’t miss out on new followers and pins from group boards
  8. As with all social channel, don’t forget to engage with users
  9. Most importantly! Don’t give up too soon!

Watch the latest Pinterest for business video. Your followers will help you by doing some of the re-sharing! For more Pinterest for business tips, check out my Pinterest for Business webinar!