The Pinterest Mobile App is a Superior Experience

About a year ago, Pinterest disclosed that over 75% of traffic comes via its mobile apps. The company did not disclose what portion of pinners use mobile apps or give any additional insight on mobile versus desktop activity. We cannot tell if most pinners use mobile apps or just the highly active users.


The Pinterest mobile app is in a superior experience over the desktop version because of the touch-and-hold feature. I use both Android and iOS versions. The ability to touch and hold an image for more options using Pinterest mobile makes it faster to pin.

When pinning using the mobile app, users can simply touch and hold any pin and either like, send to another user, or repin it. If it is your own pin, the options are to like, edit or repin (Figure 1). It is super easy. Obviously, touching or tapping is not available on any desktop app, but there is no mouse click-and-hold equivalent either. To like, edit, send or pin with desktop Pinterest, a user must click on the pin, view it and then select the next action.


Figure 1

A new update for desktop Pinterest was something that was available for mobile users. Users are shown a list of “recently picked” boards as the top of the board selection menu when they pin or repin. This is a super convenient feature. If you use both desktop browser and the mobile app, the recently picked board selection synchronizes from both versions. I usually pin the same genre of pins consecutively so this speeds up the pinning process. For example, I may pin 10 or more fitness pins in a row before searching for something else.