Pinterest Place Pins: Map your pins

Pinterest Place Pins: Map your pins

Have you tried the new Pinterest Place pins yet? I wrote about Place Pins when they were introduced in November. Place pins, also known as “map pins”, let you mark a Pinterest pin on Pinterest map. This is a fun way for your family and friends to pins places you like to spend time together, e.g. each other’s houses. If you own a business this is a good way to get your literally get your location on the map! One note, place pins do not work on mobile or iPad.

The example below is my Place Pin Pinboard (say that three times fast!) that can be found on my map pinboard

pinterest place pins

The challenging part of Place Pins is that the location has to already exist on Foursquare. If you want to pin your favorite restaurant then it’s fairly easy to pin it to a Place Pin. If the location you want to pin does not exist in Foursquare, then you have to go add it there first. This tutorial assumes the location does not already exist so I will begin with how to add it to Foursquare.

NOTE: If the location you want to add to your Pinterest Place Pin Pinboard already exists on then jump right to STEP 3!

Step 1: Go to, create new account if you don’t already have one. In the search box type in the name of the place you want to “find” and the city. I typed in “Where I like to eat.” If Foursquare cannot find the venue, it will give you the option to “Add a new place to Foursquare” (see number 2).

Foursquare find a venue

STEP 2: We’re still in Foursquare. Click on “Add a new place to Foursquare” add your the information and save it. If you are filling in information for your own business, this is an opportunity to get your Twitter account in here too.
Foursquare add a place

STEP 3: Go to your Pinterest account. If you have not done so already, create a pinboard with the map setting turned on. You can add a map to any existing pinboard by going editing the board’s setting and clicking ‘yes’ for ‘add a map’. I already have a map added to my aptly named map pinboard so I will use that board.

place pins settings

STEP 4: Click on the Pinterest pinboard that has maps enabled (the part from Step 3). In the upper left corner of the map, click on “+ Add a place.” This will cause a menu to fly out from the left side of your screen. Click on “choose city’ and type in the name of the city where the venue is located. Type in the name of the venue in the box that says “What’s this place called?”

Pinterest Place Pins add a place

STEP 5: The name of the venue you saved in Foursquare will appear. If then venue you just added to Foursquare does not appear in the list, wait a few minutes then try again. If your venue is still not listed then it needs to be added to Foursquare. When you find your location click on “map it” next to it’s name. You must fill in comment of at least one character in length then you can either upload a new photo or choose one of the existing photos already for this location. The existing photos will be greyed out until you fill in a comment. Upload your photo or click on one of the existing photos. Click “Pin it” and it is saved to your map!

pinterest map pin

pinterest place pin tutorial