Pinterest place pins

Yesterday, in a blog post, Pinterest announced their newest feature, Pinterest Place Pins. From what I see this feature was rolled-out sumultaneously to all users. It hit all of my Pinterest accounts on the same day. You will know if you have the function when you go to your home screen, a notification will pop up, that looks like this:


Many news outlets reported today that new pins can be added to a any map. I was not able to do do that and the Pinterest engineering blog post confirms that users are not able to add new places at this time. Here is what you can do:

  • Create a new board and add a map
  • Add a map to an existing board
  • Pin locations that are already have an existing pin to YOUR map
  • So who can create a pin on a map? Larger sponsor names like Travel Channel and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. This is a great move by Pinterest to turn the VC funded social networking start-up into a profitable business!