Pinterest RSS Feed

Pinterest RSS Feed

Pinterest RSS Feed Infographic

Step 1: What Is An RSS Feed?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) also called “web feeds” is a simple file which syndicates the most recent articles on a website. RSS Feeds are a great feature because they are
self-updating and can be reused all over the internet to promote your pins! RSS Feeds are public URLs that many websites publish automatically.

Step 2: How Do I Access A Feed?
Pinterest automatically generates an RSS Feed for ALL of your boards.

You can access it like this:

This is how Iaccess my own
infographics pinboard:

Step 3: An Easy Way to Copy
Go to and log in. In the upper right corner click on your
account name. For us this the URL is now:

Drop down the menu.

Click on “boards”and select one of your boards. We chose our “Infographics” Board and now our URL looks like this:

To make this or any board into any RSS Feed just add the letters “rss” on the end. Don’t use “RSS” since it is case sensitive. Our feed URL looks like this:

Step 4: Now What?
Use your RSS Feed tp publish your feeds on your website or blog so others can easily find and subscribe to your content.

Use your feed to show content from pinboards to display on your blog or website. Since you can access a different feed for each pinboard, you can show different feeds on each website
you own. Feeds can also be accessed with readers or embedded across multiple social networks