Pinterest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 7 of 8

Pinterest SEO

Search Engine Optimization for Pinterest (Pinterest SEO)

Pinterest search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to organically bring more visitors to your Pinterest. With search engine optimization tactics and a little extra effort, you can get more website visitors to get more leads and sell more.

This is a blog post and accompanying video are the seventh in an eight-part series on how to optimize your Pinterest account. So you can bring website traffic and sell your products or services on Pinterest. You will find links to all of the posts and videos in this series below. Each one has a video that goes with it.

This video covers covering search engine optimization for Pinterest.

What is a SERP?

First, it’s important to understand what a search engine results page (SERP) is. When you go to and search for something, like “high heels,” the list of websites that Google shows you is called a search engine results page, or SERP, for short. Even though it’s the most popular, Google is not the only search engine. Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and more are also search engines. And in case you didn’t realize it, YouTube and Pinterest are search engines as well. Pinterest is unique because it has text search as well as image search features.

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How to Use Pinterest SEO

You can optimize your Pinterest account to help your Pins rank on Google searches as well as Pinterest text and image searches.

Start with Keyword Research

Starting by finding your keywords or phrases that you want your Pins and website to rank for. These should be reasonably achievable phrases that people will use to find your products. I use both SpyFu and SEMRush to discover and track my keywords and my SERP position. Why two tools? Because each has strengths. SpyFu is easy to use and gives me good alternative suggestions. SEMRush tracks my pages as well as SERP features like featured snippets. So, I use both tools daily.

Try one or both. Get a free trial to SpyFu here and a free trial to SEMRush here.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, then name a board for your keyword. Be sure to fill in an optimized text describing what the board is about. If you need to review how to do that, I covered that in lesson five. Click here to watch the video.

Remember Pinterest Pins show up in Google searches. Get more ROI for your marketing effort by optimizing for both Pinterest and Google.

Save Pins to Your Pinterest Board

Next, save some Pins to your SEO Pinterest board. Only include Pins that are thematically cohesive to the keyword. That means don’t save Pins to it that are irrelevant or meaningless. Almost half of the Pinners who see your Pins are seeing your brand for the first time. Make a good impression and stay on topic.

Pinterest Visual Search

With Pinterest SEO, each Pin will have an image that is clear and relevant to our SEO campaign. Keep important elements in your Pin image away from the lower right corner. Pinterest’s visual search tool launches from that corner. You don’t want your logo or anything important to be hidden by it.

Your image should use an ideal aspect ratio. I covered that in lesson three. If you need to, go back and review how to create the best Pinterest image. It’s also in this video on my YouTube channel.

SEO Optimized Pin Description

Next, you must fill in your Pin description with text that users your keyword and describes the Pin image. You can also tell readers the price too – it encourages them to buy.

Use as much of the 500-character text description area as possible.

Pinterest Hashtags

Use hashtags to aid Pinterest shoppers with navigation and search. Like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter hashtags are used for navigation and also tell the reader what the Pin is about.

Give your Pinterest Pin a title and place your keyword on the left-hand side of the title field. Titles are optional, but you want to control exactly what goes in that field.

Wrote an SEO Optimized Blog Post

With your keyword research, you should write an optimized blog post. Include your Pin image in the post. People who discover your website in Google searches can save your website to Pinterest and help bring other readers to your website.

Please check out the rest of the videos on my YouTube channel.

Pinterest SEO Steps

  • Name board for keywords (KW)
  • Save Related Pins to board
  • Name image for KW
  • KW in title
  • KW in description
  • 2 to 3 aspect ratio image
  • SEO optimized blog post