Pinterest Secret Boards Tutorial

Pinterest Secret Boards Tutorial

Pinterest Secret Boards Tutorial

What is a Secret Board?
A Pinterest secret board is a pinboard that only its owner can see. Pins on this board do not show up anywhere on Pinterest – not even in your own home feed, your pins or activity pages on your profile. You can have up to 3 secret boards.

What Does a Secret Board Look Like?
Secret boards look the same as all other boards except they appear at the bottom of your boards page and can only be seen by their owner.


How Do I Create a Secret Board?
STEP 1: Get Started

The above “Introducing Secret Boards” notification currently appears in the upper left corner of your boards page if you do not have any secret boards. Click on the “Get Started” Button.

Next you will see the blank boards graphic (see below) at the bottom of your home page. Click on ‘Create a Secret Board’ which brings up the ‘Create a Board Dialogue’

STEP 3: Name It!
Enter a name for your new board and select a category. The toggle for ‘Secret’ is set to ‘YES’. If you want to share this board with any other pinners, enter their name under ‘Who Can Pin?’

You can also create a secret board the same way you create a public board via the Add+ button:

    1. Click Add+ at the top right-hand toolbar on
    2. Select Create a Board
    3. Give your board a name, choose other who can pin if any, toggle the Secret setting to ON. This makes your board secret.