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PinTalk: Welcome to the Pinterest Talk Website! This is an unofficial guide to Using Pinterest

In social media, Pinterest is fastest growing social media site in both unique visitors and clicks on search engines (comSCORE State of US Internet in Q1 2012)

The image-based social network,, has grown 4,000% in the past six months. Pinterst boasts more than 4 million users. The average Pinterest user spends nearly an hour-and-a-half per month on the site, behind only Facebook and Tumblr. (Jeff Bullas)

83% of Pinterest users are women. In the U.S., the most popular categories are Fashion composing 2.76% of the Pinterest pins, followed by Desserts with 2.21% of pins, Plain at 1.92%, Clothes at 1.86%, Birthday at 1.13%, and Inspirational graphics make up 1.12% of the boards.

New Yorkers are the most active Pinterest pinners at 22% usage, followed by pinners in Los Angeles at 15% of the demographic, Austin, TX accounts for 10%, then Minneapolis, MN has another 10%, San Francisco at 8%, Portland at 7%, and finally San Diego supplies 6% of the pinners. (MediaPost)

In the U.K., the five most popular topics on Pinterest are Venture Capital, Blogging Resources, Crafts, Web Analytics and SEO/Marketing. (Pooky Shares)

22% of all pins come from New York, followed by Los Angeles at 15%. A higher percentage come from Minneapolis (10%) than from San Francisco (8%)–even though Pinterest is based in Palo Alto. (MediaPost)

Pinterest is almost tied with Twitter (at 3.6%) for the amount of referred social traffic it sends to websites. (Pooky Shares)