Pinterest Tests a New Menu

Do you have a Pinterest menu that looks like the one below? This desktop menu version of the search bar is wider than previous menus (Figure 1).

Pinterest Tests a New Menu

Figure 1

It resembles the mobile version of the Pinterest search bar (Figure 2). The major difference is, the mobile version shows you the categories as images, the desktop version still uses text navigation.


Figure 2

Click on the Pinterest logo to the left of the search bar to get to the category menu you are accustomed to using.

In the screenshot, there is a menu choice for your home feed followed by Art, Travel, Holidays & Events, Humor and More. Art, Travel, Holidays & Events, Humor are definitely topics this user has been pinning so this looks like it is tied to their most recent pins or interests. The “More” option is a dropdown menu for the category menu that was available in the upper left corner or desktop users. Clicking on “More” expands the menu to include the Pinterest categories such as quotes, design and sports.

I cannot see this menu in my Pintalk Pinterest account. I see it in an account with relatively few followers. When there is a system wide update, it typically shows up in my Pintalk account first.

*The desktop screenshot comes from a Pinterest account that I was hired to consult on. The mobile screenshot came from one of my accounts.