Pinterest Tests Video Ads

Pinterest Tests Video Ads

Pinterest is testing video ads with a small group of advertisers reports Digiday. Pinterest has not commented on the news. Unlike the advertisers who served as a testbed for Pinterest’s first dip into advertising with Promoted Pins, it is not known who the video advertisers are, or what size budgets they are using.


Video ads are will present new challenges for Pinterest. The visual social channel is one of two major social media channels where native video is not allowed. The other social site that does not host videos is LinkedIn. Videos must be hosted elsewhere on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Pinterest users wishing to pin a video must place a link in the URL field of the pin.

rise of Video popularity is one of the most engaging ways for a brand to tell its story. YouTube dominates the video market. Facebook is working hard to catch up to YouTube by favoring native video uploads and even introducing video ads to both Facebook and Instagram. Social sites Vine and Snap Chat are focused on video content.