Pinterest Tip: Group Board Invitation Limits

Today I hit a new roadblock, a group board invitation limitation. I’ve written several articles this year touting the benefits of joining pinterest group boards. A group or community board can be a place to share ideas, get more exposure for your products or get more followers.


Over the weekend I started working on a new strategy to increase my following on Pinterest. I changed the description on one of my group boards and started inviting other users who met certain criteria. After only 5 invitations, I hit this warning message:


I tried to refresh that page, wait a few minutes, try again. No luck. One of the invitees accepted my invitation and still I was considered to be rushing! After about an hour, the quota reset itself and I could invite again. Of course I wanted to test the limit, immediately invited 5 more people, hit the limit once more. Waited my hour and, well, we go around.