Pinterest Tips and Tricks

Pinterest Tip: Block Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest Tip Blocking

If you do not readers to be able to pin anything from your website on Pinterest, use the line of HTML below.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

Edit your webpage or template and add the below line anywhere in between the opening and closing header tags, so the top pf your web page (when you view the source, will look like this:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

When Pinterest users try to pin graphics from your webpage they will receive a pop-up box from Pinterest that tells them pinning is not allowed from this website!

Prices on Pins

Pinterest Tip Pins With Prices
To add prices on pins Add a $ or £ at the first thing to the pin description & Pinterest will automatically add a price to the photo as a banner in the upper left corner when pinning in the gifts category.

Pinterest Tip: Pinterest Search

Repeating a keyword in your description increases its rank in Pinterest searches. For example, putting “chcicken” in the description multiple times, causes the pin to rank higher than if you only enter it once!

Pinterest Tip: Pinterest Search

Add a hashtag (#) to your pin to provide you with a much higher chance of being found through the search on Pinterest where their algorithm displays the latest pins.

Check Pinners

When you are on your board at, type in /source/ you should be able to see who else has pinned you

Pinterest Tip: Pinning Your Information

There are 2 ways to pin to your board:

  • Upload your Pin
  • Pin from your website

If you upload your pin you have to take an extra step to link directly back to your page. Pinnning from your website is easier, but you must have larger images Pinterest can detect.

Pinterest Tip: Pinning Your Information with Pinterest Apps

There are many 3rd party pinning tools that can detect your website images better than Pinterest itself. One of theses is Pinerly. There are also extensions and add-ons for browsers. My favorite for Chrome is Pinterest Pin It Button (by Shareaholic)