Pinterest Tutorial Book

Pinterest Tutorial. Pinterest Help for Beginners

Pinterest Tutorial Book


Pinterest Tutorial: Pinterest Help for Beginners [Kindle Edition] available now on Amazon!

Learn how to use Pinterest. This fact-filled book is full of step-by-step instructions on everything from how to set up your own account, to using Pinterest for business and getting more followers. Pinterest Tutorial is for individual users and businesses. Pinterest is entertaining for the casual user and a way to generate a customer base for the business user. Businesses will find that Pinterest drives shoppers to their website, making it an easy form of free advertising. This book is for the beginning to advanced user.

Pinterest Tutorial Book Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is Pinterest?
Chapter 2: Who Uses Pinterest?
Chapter 3: Pinterest’s Beginning
Chapter 4: Getting Started: Terminology
Chapter 5: How To Set Up A New Account
Chapter 6: Following Users
Chapter 7: Setting Up Your First Boards
Chapter 8: Pins, Likes, and Comments
Chapter 9: Beyond the Basics
Chapter 10: Following and Feeds
Chapter 11: Pinterest for Business
Chapter 12: Converting to or Getting Started as a Business Account
Chapter 13: Business Best Practices
Chapter 14: Business Tools and Widgets
Chapter 15: How to Increase Your Following
Chapter 16: Group Boards
Chapter 17: Get Pinning!

Price: $2.99

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