Promote your business using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social network for any blog, business, product or service that can be represented visually. It’s a great place to see all sorts of ideas on home décor, crafts, recipes and more! From the clever graphics I’ve seen on the pinboards I think almost any topic can be turned into a nice looking photo or infographic.

Promote-your- business-using-Pinterest
Do you have a business line that is not so easy to talk about in images? A big part of getting your Pinterest account off to a good start is choosing boards that fit your business and presenting it in a way that is appealing to Pinterest primarily female audience.

Let’s use commercial gym equipment as an example. You could create pinboards with photos of dumbbells and exercise bikes sadly sitting around on a padded weight room floor or worse yet, splayed out catalog-style alphabetically listing all their gloriously boring detail. Or you can focus on their use and emphasize their relevance to one of the more popular categories on Pinterest, exercise and fitness!

ultimately you should show your products in a separate pin board to make shopping easier and eliminate the need for potential buyers to surf and sort through long pinboards to find your goods.

If you want to talk about spin bikes, show photos of the bikes but also add photos of people using them. Sprinkle in a few graphics showing the muscles spin bike are good for as a nice addition. Add in some fitness gear photos that go with spinning even if you don’t sell it and then mix in some pins and boards with workout routines. Add in a board about nutrition and you can tap into another popular Pinterest category, recipes! Not everything you post has to or even should feature your equipment!

Don’t be afraid of posting things about your competitors! You’ll see you will attract some of their audience and get more followers out it,. Don’t be shy!

If you build it they will come, right?

Of course not! Success for any social network is building your audience. Go out and pin, follow others, and comment on Pinterest pins that are relevant to your topic. Good boards for our equipment dealer to be involved in are fitness, nutrition, workout equipment, workout gear, fashion and maybe even travel. Be a genuine part of the community you wish to talk to.

The goal is to become a resource for readers. Be a destination that they will come to for tips and information. It’s not all about you and definitely not always about the sell!

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