Promoted Pin Adventures – Part 1

For the next month or until I exhaust the budget, I am managing my first Pinterest Promoted Pins campaign on behalf of a client. Pinterest’s new paid ad platform is called “Promoted Pins”. When Promoted Pins were introduced last March, the ad platform was only open to companies with multi-million dollar ad budgets. In December 2014, Pinterest rolled out the paid ads platform to everyone.

Pinterest Promoted Pin Adventures Part 1 440pxx

Two pins were developed on behalf of a client and I am managing their campaign. I have done a lot of work with Google’s AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform so I am looking for the similarities and the differences between the two advertising outlets.

This is the first installment of I do not know how many posts about Promoted Pins! I already have a list of suggestions to improve the experience. For example, setting the maximum cost-per-click causes the system to fritz out and gives the user a grey screen of death. Who knows their DOS terminology? The process of creating a Promoted Pin is simple, but definitely needs polish. The settings are basic. Stay tuned, next I will talk about the Promtoted Pins setup process.

Pinterest Promoted Pin Adventures Part 1