How to Rearrange Boards on Pinterest

It is easy to rearrange boards on Pinterest. The order of your boards on your home screen is entirely up to you. The only exception to this is secret boards. Secret boards are at the bottom of your account home screen and cannot be brought to the top.

Pinterest users can rearrange boards any time and as often as they wish. Simply click on and hold the mouse on a board cover image and drag the board to a new spot within your account home page. The other boards will automatically move to accommodate the space. The dragged board will stay where you drop it.

I like to keep the boards which are most relevant to my Pinterest accounts goals in the top two rows. I also like to have the boards with lots of pins near the top. If you have holiday boards you may want to position the boards for the upcoming holidays near the top of you page. For example, in the beginning of November move the Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s Day boards to the top of your account.

A Few Notes On How to Rearrange Boards:

  • Secret boards cannot be rearranged, even amongst themselves
  • You cannot rearrange boards on mobile apps. Log into your account via web browser to arrange boards