How to Schedule a Pinterest Pin

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins using the native Pinterest app for FREE!

Schedule Pinterest Pins for free without using costly third-party apps. Pinterest now offers a way for Pinners to schedule Pins directly from Pinterest. This means that Pinterest Pinners can setup a Pin and have it automatically posted later. Scheduling Pins lets you distribute your pinning activity over time, so users are not going into business accounts with short bursts of activity. This new feature also lets users schedule Pins while you are on vacation or not working. This is especially helpful for brands and businesses who need to establish a presence on Pinterest.

Pinners can now schedule Pins if they already have a Pinterest business account. It is only available when using desktop Pinterest or the iOS mobile app. If you do not already have a business account, then it is quick to convert to one and will help with valuable data about your social media strategy. Even if you are not running a business, the scheduling feature is helpful for personal brands and anyone who wants to build up a following.

Why Schedule Pinterest Pins?

Scheduling Pins is a convenient feature of you want to take a break from Pinterest and focus on other parts of your online marketing strategy. This also is a useful feature of you are going to be away on vacation, at a conference, or running other areas of your business. Pinterest Pinners may find that many of their followers are more active at night or on the weekends. Scheduling Pins during peak periods can help you grow your Pinterest following and reach.

Pinners can schedule a maximum of thirty Pins. Pinterest Pins can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance of the publishing date.

Pinterest Schedule Pin
Pinterest Schedule Pin

How to Schedule a Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is a highly visual social media platform that is excellent for marketing products. Pinners save Pins with descriptions and hashtags that can be used as part of a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Scheduling Pins is a very useful tool for those who want to get more reach from their Pinterest strategy. Pinning on days when Pinterest users are most active, like Sunday, and at hours when they are most active can make your strategy more efficient and increase ROI.
To schedule Pinterest Pins from your Pinterest account without a third-party app, you must have a Pinterest business account. Personal accounts can be converted quickly and easily to business accounts. For more help, watch this YouTube video about Pinterest for business. Business accounts give users more data about their Pins and followers including what Pins are most popular and how much reach each is getting.

  1. Login into your Pinterest app on desktop or with the iOS app. Scheduled Pins are not supported on the Android mobile app as this time
  2. On the Pinterest mobile app tap the top navigation bar. If you are using desktop Pinterest, then click the plus sign at the top to start a new Pin
  3. Select an image or video to Pin
  4. Add a URL
  5. Select Publish at a later date
  6. Set the day and time to publish the Pin
  7. Set the title, description with hashtags

Note: Pinners can only schedule one Pin at a time. Meaning you cannot schedule the same Pin every day for the next seven days with one save. If you want to reuse a Pin, you will have to set it up and schedule it multiple times. Pinterest accounts can have up to 30 Pins scheduled up to two weeks ahead of time. You can view your schedules Pins as well as edit them before they post to your account.

Remember that scheduling only works when Pinning from the desktop Pinterest (web) and IOS mobile app. To view your scheduled Pins, log into the app or desktop Pinterest, navigate to your Pinterest profile and selecting the Pins tab.