Six Pinterest Hacks to Get More Followers

Six Pinterest Hacks to Get More Followers

Pinterest now boasts over 150 million monthly active users as of late 2016. That’s a 50% increase over 2015 numbers. Pinterest still holds the title of the most gender imbalanced social media channel in the US. However, the number of users from other countries has nearly evened out the gender split. The site now has a 40% male user base. [1]

How do you build a following in order to bring more traffic to your website or increase sales? Below are some Pinterest hacks that you may have overlooked. They are all basic setup items, but they can improve the frequency your Pinterest account is found by other Pinterest Pinners!

1 Include your location

All Pinterest users can opt to include their location in their profile.
To add your location head over to the settings section on Pinterest and choose “Profile” from the left hand navigation. If you are suing the Pinterest mobile app, tap on the person icon. The tap the hexagon to access your Pinterest account settings. Choose “Edit Profile.”

Scroll down to the Location and add your city or country. IF you are suing desktop Pinterest, you must save your changes.

2. Convert to a Business Account

Pinterest business accounts offer many free benefits. The first is allowing a clickable link to your website once you verify your domain name. Business accounts also receive free analytics offering valuable information about a Pinterest account. Pinterest Analytics shows activity from the associated website, the demographics of people you reach, plus Pinterest activity from your website.

3. Turn off Search Privacy

This Pinterest hack is a no-brainer for any business that wants to be discovered on Pinterest. It sometimes is turned on because the wording is a little tricky. Go back to your account settings under the “Account Basics” section.

Find the “Search Privacy” header. Change the slider next to “Hide your profile from search engines (ex: Google). Learn more” to” No.” Choose “no” to not hide your profile so that your Pinterest account may also be discovered in Google searches as well as Pinterest searches. This helps with the next Pinterest hack, search engine optimization (SEO).

4. Name boards after SEO keyword phrases

SEO is the process of helping a website be found in web searches on Google, com,, etc… Since you turned on your visibility in Pinterest hack number three, now it is time to optimize your Pinterest account for web searches. If you have not done this already, develop a list of words and phrases that fit your website and will bring internet user traffic to your website. For example, I use “Pinterest tutorials” quote a bit.
Use these phrases as the names of your Pinterest boards. Pinterest boards are show in Google searches. A Pinterest board is likely to turn up in a google search, much the same way Google+ pages do.

5. Connect other social networks to find more followers

This Pinterest hack is also in your settings. Scroll down to the “social Networks” section. Choose the social networks and email providers with which you have accounts. Select the ones you wish to connect to Pinterest. You will be asked to authorize Pinterest to connect to each.

Connecting to social networks allows Pinterest users to discover each other. After connecting a social account, Pinterest will automatically begin to suggest other accounts to follow based on your contacts from the connected social channels. Likewise, your profile will be suggested to other followers as well.

6. Connect productivity apps to save time

I have used apps like Hootsuite and Google Calendar for some time. Recently I discontinued one of my subscription services because it was not performing as well as it had when I first opened my account. Moreover, I wanted to save money. I found this great website . Called “If this then that,” this is a site full of short apps, called recipes. The recipes can connect to your social media accounts, light switches, phone, and many tasks or tech items to save time and money!

Consider investing in learning about productivity apps. They will save you time, and money and they will help grow your following at the same time!