How To Stop Pinterest from Posting Twitter Tweets?


How To Stop Pinterest from Posting Twitter Tweets?

Have you ever saved a bunch of Pinterest Pins to various boards only to realize later that your Sunday morning binge was all recorded on your Twitter account? Yeah, me too. If you have a Twitter account associated with your Pinterest account, then you know what I mean! Many times, I have logged onto Pinterest to line up my daily workout and mistakenly Tweeted every glorious Pin by accident.

According to Pinterest, 75% of the pins on Pinterest link to products on brand websites. Pinterest reports that now has over 100 million users. The vast majority of Pinterest users are female although 40% of all new users are men*. The Wall Street Journal reported this month that Pinterest earned $100 million in revenue in 2015 and expects to triple that figure in 2016. All of Pinterest’s revenue is acquired through ad products including Promoted Pins and Buyable Pins.

So how do you get Pinterest to stop posting on Twitter? It is actually rather simple, just remember to uncheck one box! When users save a Pinterest Pin (formerly known as “pinning a Pin”) they can check a box on the lower left corner of the Pin [Figure 1]. Checking the “twitter” box also posts the Pin to the Twitter account associated with the Pinterest account. The check box only appears if the user has a Twitter account connected to their Pinterest account.

pinterest stop posting on twitter

Figure 1

The deluge of saved Pins simultaneously posting to Twitter happens when Pinterest users save a Pin with the “Post to Twitter” box checked. The very next time a Pin is saved, the “Post to Twitter” box defaults to “checked” and the Pins posts a Tweet again.

Posting a Pin to Twitter is a timesaving technique for a brand looking to build a following. Social media account managers can simultaneously post to Twitter and Pinterest using this checkbox. However, it can result it flooding a Twitter stream and swamping your followers with too much activity. Too much activity can mean lost followers.

After it is used once, the “Post to Twitter” remains checked for all future Pins. Pinterest users must uncheck the box during the next Pin. It is easy to forget. More than once, I have unknowingly posted 20 Pins in a row to Twitter. It is awesome when you are posting Pins like “Best Butt Workout” which is completely acceptable on Pinterest but weird for all of Twitter-verse to see!
A permanent way to solve this issue is to go into Pinterest settings and remove the Twitter account. I do not recommend this for brands and businesses.