How to Target Shoppers on Pinterest


How to Target Shoppers on Pinterest

Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins as part of its advertising options in 2014. Initially Promoted Pins were only available to big-budget advertisers. Now Pinterest Promoted Pins are available to all business accounts. Pinterest business accounts are free and work just like personal accounts after the set-up is finished.

Promoted Pins now feature new targeting objectives and targeting options. Promoted Pins objectives include brand awareness, boosting pin engagement, and getting clicks to a website. Targeting options are part of the latest round of Pinterest updates. Businesses can now create custom audiences the same way advertisers can on Facebook, target-shoppers-pinterest

Figure 1

Data shows that 87% of Pinterest users made a purchase after finding a product on the social media channel. So how do we do target more precisely with Pinterest? Pinterest also allows advertisers to choose behaviors to target. In the screenshot below, I have chosen a Brand Awareness campaign as an example. After setting a budget, I picked weddings then flowers as interests. After that, I added a keyword (phrase) of “buy flowers.” [Figure 1] By doing this, I am narrowing my target audience to include the intent to buy. Pinterest suggests keywords to include. I can accept or reject any of them. My Pinterest campaign should spend less money on those who have no intention to buy flowers. If I wanted to just target anyone who wants to buy flowers I would have to use only the keyword option to target the behavior and intention to buy.