How to Tell the Demographics of Your Pinterest Followers

How to Tell the Demographics of Your Pinterest Followers

NOTE: This blog post assumes you are a Pinterest business account user. You must have a Pinterest business account to access Pinterest Analytics. These accounts are free. To learn how to get your free Pinterest for Business account visit my Pinterest for Business Pinterest board resource board or watch this Pinterest for Business video.


Pinterest is a powerhouse social channel that excels in merchandising your product, brand or service with images. True, posts, called pin, do have text descriptions – up to 500 characters – but what engages Pinterest users the most is the images that sit on top of every Pinterest pin.

As with any other social channel, it is important to stay on-brand with your messaging. Images, logos, descriptions, hash tags, and word choice should all consistently tell users who you are and what your brand represents. Messaging can convey that your products are high-end, a good value, or exceptional quality.

Using Pinterest for social media marketing is similar to other social channels in that posting has to involve a conversation and include related posts that interest followers. To get started on Pinterest create boards that organize and show off your products or services. Be sure to include boards from related topics. For example, if your Pinterest account were about natural products then healthy lifestyle pins from other sources would benefit your audience. As long as the pins are not showing competitor’s products, the go-ahead and re-pin them. This will help build a following.


How can you see the demographics of your Pinterest Followers?

  • Log into your Pinterest account from any desktop device
  • Click on “Analytics”
  • Click on “Audience”

The page will automatically be on the “Demographics” view, but if it is not, the choose Demographics at the top of the screen. Pinterest Business accounts supply demographic information about Pinners’ gender, country, major metropolitan area, and language spoken. The data is available on one convenient screen.