Tools to download followers from social networks

Tools to download followers from social networks

I’m giving one workshop and one talk tomorrow at PubCon 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The first session is about anything related to Pinterest. My workshop is completely sold-out and I’m ready to answer all Pinterest related questions.


The afternoon session, Finding the Facebook Influencers, involves bringing followers from your other social networks over to Facebook. The following lists pertain to that talk. Below are some good tools and tips that you can use to download connections from Twitter and LinkedIn. I will add some Pinterest links to this.

The purpose of exporting followers or connections from one social media platform is to import them into another social network. If a person has an account on one social network like Pinterest, they are likely to follow you or your business on another social network. In this talk we are working on getting more Facebook followers by exporting contacts from Twitter and LinkedIn. And we are looking for the especially influential ones!

The following tools can be found on a great post on You will find tips on how to:

  • Fetch Twitter Search Results
  • Count Facebook Likes and Shares
  • Compare Facebook Pages
  • Monitor Social Media Reputation

Want to Extract and Archive your Twitter followers?
Using a guide by Martin Hawksey gets you to this useful Google Doc

Other methods to extract Twitter data:

The only one I’ve used about of the above group is SocialBro (not to export my Twitter followers but to manage my Twitter account). I love their app!

I did use the following quick five steps to download my LinkedIn connections
Export your LinkedIn contacts & import them into a workable spreadsheet

  1. Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click on the tab “Connections”
  2. Click to ‘Settings’ symbol in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click ‘Export Linkedin Connections’ in the right column on the page
  4. Choose ‘Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)’ and click “Export”
  5. Save the document

OR * even easier, just go here*


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