Top 5 Pinterest Workouts

One of the best parts of Pinterest is that you can randomize your workout routines. Just log into your account, pick 2 workouts and go! Here’s my favorites from this week!

Want lean legs? This graphic says it all, thanks to Sweet Baby Pate’s post baby workout!


Exercise really is the perfect antidepressant. Not only that, but it also helps you keep your body in shape as well. And who doesn’t enjoy killing two birds with one stone, right? If you have certain mental disorders that can restrict you from doing an exercise you are interested in, chat with your doctor and see if he can help you work something out.

Here’s an infographic you can share with your friends about the mental health benefits of exercise!


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Have you ever wanted to become a runner but didn’t know how to start! Check this out!


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Do some Killer Kardio, but please don’t die and read more


Wrap it up with the Super Sweaty Abs Circuit!