Tutorial Pinterest Profile Widgets

Tutorial Pinterest Profile Widgets

Pinterest Profile Widget

What is a Profile Widget?
A profile widget is a snippet of HTML and javascript that you insert into your website or blog source code. It allows viewers to automatically see the latest pins from your Pinterest account.

STEP 1: Grab Your Snippet of Code
Visit this page: http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#builder
Select “Board Widget”

STEP 2: Enter Your User Name
Cut and paste your Pinterest URL (which includes your user name) into the box on the widget creator page. In our case it is:

STEP 3: Copy and Paste the Code
The code at the bottom of the widget creator page will update giving you 1 HTML tag and 1 javascript snippet to insert into your website source code. In WordPress this can be inserted into a page, post or widget. Copy and paste the two lines of code from the widget creator page into your website. Be sure the javascript line is under the HTML tag.

STEP 4: Save It and YOU’RE DONE!
That’s It! Insert the 2 lines into your website and you are done!