Tutorial: The Pinterest Navigation Bar


Pinterest has undergone several revisions in the last 6 months. Navigation bars have changed positions on the website. These navigation bars are how we move around Pinterest to see what others have pinned, our followers and what is trending.

Originally the only navigation menu was in the upper center part of your page, underneath your bio information. Categories were only seen on the pop-up box when you pinned something new.

Your profile and settings menu are still located on the right. Categories have moved to a new menu on the left, next to the search bar. Pins and likes are also available from another menu right below the search box.

Now all Pinterest categories can be seen a large drop down menu on the upper left side of your screen. Your settings, notifications, help and other information can be accessed via a right hand navigation bar.

The left most part of the Pinterest navigation bar has a plus (+) sign. This is the part you click on to add content to your account. Click on the plus and the menu drops down to reveal three options:

  1. Upload a pin Click here to create a new pin by uploading an image from your computer. You will have to choose the board, fill in the description and URL.
  2. Add from a website. Here you add a new pin from a website by cutting and pasting a URL into the box that pops up when you click here.
  3. Create a board. This menu choice is for creating new pinboards on your account. You may also create a new board by going to “my boards” from the Profile And Settings menu (below)


Your Profile and Account Settings:

This menu used to be accesiable from under your profile bio at the top center of your home screen. The men conatins most of the same choices:

  • Your Boards. See all of your boards on one page. Also known as your home screen.
  • Your Pins. Click on this to see everything you have pinned in the past. This is the same as clickin on “Pins” on the left navigation bar.
  • Find Friends. Find friends brings up boards belonging friends or followers you have from Twitter and Facebook if yo have those social networks associated with your Pinterest account
  • Analytics Get analytical data about your impressions and reach in graphical format. This is available to those with verified webites only)
  • Help Center. This is a link to the official Pinterest Support blog
  • Settings. Change your account settings including email preferences and bio information
  • Log out


Your Followers, Re-pins and Likes:

Recent activity is now called notifications and is located in the upper right corner. Click on the quote bubble with the 2 pushpins in it to see when someone follows you or one one of your boards. You can also see the someone re-pins, likes or comments on your pin. Learn more about using notifications.