Use Pinterest for nonprofits on Giving Tuesday and all year long!

Giving Tuesday is an effort to kickstart a day of giving for nonprofits all over the world. Social media is a great way to spread the word about Giving Tuesday and your nonprofit. It takes real effort and persistence to start a nonprofit organization and keep the momentum alive. Social media can help you get the word out and put you in touch with those in need.

Pinterest is a wonderful way to visually showcase your nonprofit organization. You can set up boards to highlight the hard work of your volunteers with photographs to appeal to donors. Stakeholders may be more likely to donate again when they can see real time progress of where their money is going. Do you need more donations of time, goods or money? Create a pinboard with a wishlist of things your organization needs.

Other nonprofit Pinterest pinboard ideas:

  • fundraising ideas
  • leadership
  • donation wishlist
  • volunteer communications
  • nonprofit management
  • inspirational quotes and motivation

As with any social media outlet, don’t forget to round out the conversation and talk about the efforts of others in addition to your own. Make your Pinterest a place to visit for ideas on best practices for nonprofits, nonprofit finances, artwork, logos of other charities. Cheers!