How to Use the Pinterest Lens

How to Use the Pinterest Lens

The Pinterest Lens is one of the newest updates to the Pinterest app. The Lens helps users discover new content on the mobile app through images recognition. Pinterest engineering updates the mobile app every week! To make sure your smartphone has all of the latest Pinterest features, make sure your device has the most recent version. If your app is not up to date, visit the Google Play or iTunes store to get the latest version.
Using the Pinterest Lens is fun – like playing with a new toy!

To use the Pinterest Lens open an up-to-date Pinterest app on your smartphone, then:

  • Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen
  • Tap once in the search bar, to the right of the magnifying glass
  • Tap the red and white camera icon to get a new screen with a large circle (lens) on it
  • This screen acts like a camera. Tap the circle to take a photo.

After you take a photo, the Lens will try to search for more images similar to the one you just selected or shot. If successful (this is new after all) the Pinterest Lens will show related Pins underneath your photo. The photo itself will have a number of tags – I typically saw six or seven. Tap on one of the tags to see Pins related to that tag.

You can also help teach the app! Tap the plus sign, and tell Pinterest what it is seeing. Enter a few words, tap “next” and the app will show Pins related to the description you just entered.
The lens can also use photos from your camera’s gallery. After tapping the red camera icon, swipe up to open the gallery. Select a photo, and proceed as you did when capturing a new photo!