Using Pinterest and YouTube Together

Do you consider YouTube to be social media? Is it just another media source? YouTube is also a search engine! Videos heralding your product, services or blog posts are a wonderful content addition that boosts your websites visibility in searches.

Since late 2013, Pinterest allowed video pins, but only when they hosted on and pinned from YouTube or Vimeo, or are a TEDTalk. This YouTube video explains how to pin a video to Pinterest. Users may feel this limits their SEO game but not so!

Using Pinterest and YouTube Together-440px

Videos are a wonderful to share content and add another source of information to your blog. Make a simple video from your smartphone and upload it to YouTube. Be sure to record in HD as they always outrank a low def. video in searches. Also, be sure to add a transcript of the video. Google indexes transcripts and they become part of your searchable content. Many followers watch video while on a bus, train or other public area and may have the sound muted. A transcript allows them to enjoy your content.

Next, embed the video in your blog post. Tell your audience what the video is about in the text on the page. Be sure to link to the video as well as embed it.
Be sure to leave comments on your YouTube video linking back to your blog and Pinterest account.

Using Pinterest and YouTube Together