Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Did a bunch of your pinboards just disappear about 8PM EST on October 25th? About two-thirds of my boards disappeared while I was in the middle of chatting with another board pinner, arranging to become a collaborator on her boards. The only boards visible were the ones I co-collaborate on with none of mine showing.

Pinterest stealthily introduced website verification to help combat the hoards of spam and recent cyber attacks on the uber popular social networking website. If you have a website associated with your account, which you can check by visiting your settings page, you must verify that you have access to the domain name you listed. This move will measurably decrease the amount of spam on Pinterest as it only allows verification for Top Level Domains (TLDs).

Here’s step-by-step tutorial on how to verify your domain name and see your boards again, assuming you’re not a spammer that is!! 😉

1. On Pinterest, go to your username and the upper right corner of your account, drop down the menu and choose “settings”

2. You will see a “Verify Website” button next to your website URL. Click on the “Verify Website” button


3. You will be then see that you have to click on a link to download an html file to your computer. Click on the link and save the file to your desktop. You will then need to upload this file to the root directory of your webste, in my case its http:///, via FTP. If your need help accessing your website via FTP, contact your host.


4. After you upload your html file to the root directory of your website, click on the “Click here to complete the process”


5. You’re done!! You will see a message that says “We successfully verified your website”. When you return to your Pinterest pinboard, you will see your verified domain name listed with a checkmark next to it!