What is a Pinterest group board?

What is a Pinterest group board?

Pinterest Tutorial What Is A Group Board
Pinterest group board Tutorial: A group board is a Pinterest board that 2 or more Pinterest users can post photos to.

How do I know who is the owner the owner of the group board really is?
The creator, or owner, of the board is the first profile listed (reading left to right) at the top of the board view. See the image below. My account, PinTalk, is the owner of this board.

Pinterest Group Board

Why? Why? Why join a group board?
Joining a Pinterest group board is one of the best ways to get more followers that share your interest to your Pinterest account and/or website. Another advantage of a group board over an ordinary board is everyone can share ideas in one space rather than simple watching and re-pinning to their own boards. A group board enables the exchange of ideas and products.

Collaborative pinning is great for a creative team working on a project. Combine this with a secret board and you have a great creative space for your team to exchange ideas.