Why Pinterest is a good for your nonprofit

In 2012, Pinterest had more than 12 million monthly unique visitors [1]. Pinterest refers more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. By July 2013, Pinterest, had reached 46 million monthly visitors.

More than a quarter of Pinterest users have an annual household income of at least $100,000. (source:Ultralinx) with over 25% of Pinterest users having a income of $100k+, it’s no wonder this is such a hot new social media outlet to get your nonprofit started on.

Women give
Women give more money to charity than men do [2]. A 2012 study showed that in every income bracket except for one, women give more money to charity than men do. The largest gaps in giving exist in in the lowest, middle, and highest brackets where women donate almost double the amount of money that men do. The only exception to this is women in the second lowest income bracket ($23,509 to $43,500), give 32 percent less than men.

So why Pinterest is a good for your nonprofit? The Pinterest userbase is currently estimated to be over 80% female. Any nonprofit that can represent their services visually should consider this social media outlet to connect with their donors, volunteers and those in need.



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